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Your mind, soul and body

If YOU...

Feel stuck and don't know what next steps to make

Want to make a shift in your life but don't know from where to begin

Want to re-discover yourself and learn about the person living inside you

Find clarity in your values and life purpose

Need to see your worth, recognise yourself and love yourself for who you are

Live your current life holding on to past pain and trauma

Feel you need to believe in yourself again and gain the confidence to achieve your goals


Your highest self is waiting for you on the other side of fear, doubts, and comfort zone.  


"Before we engineer the world, the most important engineering that needs to happen is that you engineer yourself the way you want yourself to be"

- Sadhguru 

There are different options available to work with me:


1-on-1 mentorship programs

For women who are ready to step into their zone of genius and create a balanced life.


Individual therapy sessions

For anyone who is dealing with burnout, stress, anxiety, fuzzy mind, mental exhaustion, and low self-esteem.


self-paced online courses

A self-paced online course with lifetime access that will support your growth and wellbeing. 


individual & team workshops

Workshops for individuals and/or teams on Mindfulness practices, Emotional Intelligence, Reducing stress, Mindset, Goal setting, Creative flow. 


my work

My holistic coaching focuses on bringing you awareness on how you think, feel, and behave (how you have been programmed and conditioned) so you can take the necessary actions to make the small changes that add up to greater results over time. I use the combination of different tools and resources to enable you to tap into your own wisdom and expertise. 


Some of the areas that I can help you with include, 

  • Stress, anxiety, depression 

  • Relationships (family, friends, coworkers)

  • Build a healthy, loving and compassionate relationship with yourself, listening to your inner guidance and acceptance.

  • Setting boundaries (stop people pleasing, learning to say “NO”)

  • Self-love, self-worth, and live life from your true core-values

  • Work-life balance

  • Task and time management

  • Mental wellbeing 

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • Positive behavioral change

  • Change in habits and routines 

  • Emotional Addictions

  • Shadow work (guilt, shame, fear)

  • Inner child work

  • Being in the present (Mindfulness practice) 

  • Goal setting & achievement 

  • Personal strengths, abilities, and challenges

  • Find life purpose and vision

  • Balance energies (masculine vs. feminine)

  • Somatic experiences through dance and movement

  • Overcoming self-sabotaging and limiting beliefs

my credentials

  • I have a Bachelor degree in Psychology (Complutense University, Madrid & Radboud University, Nijmegen, the Netherlands) 

  • I am a registered Clinical Psychologist. License Nº30094

  • I have a Masters Degree in Coaching & Sports Psychology (IESport)

  • I have taken certified courses on Mindfulness, Neurolinguistic Programming, and Cognitive Behavior Therapy.

  • I also have a degree in Modern Dance.


Apart from the formal education, I consider that part of my work is completed with other life experiences I’ve been through.


  • Personal history of anxiety, maladaptive and self-harming behaviour

  • Personal experience from having no clear identity, feeling very lost in life and very insecure to getting to know myself better, build my confidence, and set my boundaries to love and respect myself!

  • Have been on a personal development journey for years, reading countless self-help/development books, attending different courses and training, and seminars on anxiety, depression, life purpose, wellbeing, etc.

The way I work

  • I believe this time and space is for you, therefore I don’t believe in simply telling you what to do and what not to do. I like offering you the safe and compassionate space for you to voice your truth, share your innermost thoughts and feelings, be vulnerable, heal and transform. 

  • I often ask you specific questions so we can dive deeper into the topics and work we are doing, so you can observe, reflect, and become aware of patterns within you. 

  • I often prepare sessions based on what we’ve agreed on, but I also follow my intuition and expertise to redirect the session into the direction I feel it's needed. I always ask you before if you are okay with doing a particular exercise. My intentions are for you to feel comfortable at all times! 

  • After sessions I give you some “home fun” with exercises you can be doing in between before we have our next session. I believe this is a process, therefore the inner work should be done at all times!

Have a look at what people say!!


"Hey Sherina! I want to let you know just how much you and your coaching sessions helped me. I was carrying so many negative thoughts, a lot caused by things people have said or done to me in the past. You helped get past these limiting beliefs - you helped me realize these thoughts were not mine and they are not me. You also have helped me so much with my relationship with myself, becoming more affectionate with me and not pushing myself so hard. After our sessions I can say with confidence that I’m in such better touch with myself, I feel 100% myself. Thank you for that, and for everything else you’ve helped me with. Because of you it has been a wonderful start to 2021. I’m thankful that we met and that I’ve had the opportunity to be coached by such an emotionally deep, professional and empathetic person. And I’m grateful to also now consider you a friend. Thank you so much 🙏🏽❤️"

Mari, Model & Actress

"Hi, Sherina, writing this with my heart and soul to you. I’ve known you my whole life and I’ve seen you evolve into this beautiful soul. I had a strong feeling you would understand and help me tap into my being. I’ve only had 4 sessions with you and can truly say I am feeling all these beautiful things. A year ago, I couldn’t look at myself in the mirror but you’ve given me the confidence to slowly realize my true worth. You are allowing me to be my true self, without labels. The sessions are going so much deeper than the material stuff we all have a tendency on focusing on. We are truly doing some magical work and I am so grateful. I have goosebumps. You are giving me life again. You are allowing me to be whom i want to be and I am realising my true worth. Your tools and compassion for me are enabling a life i want to live to the fullest. Thank you!"

Chandni, Digital Marketing & Sales expert

Girl Enjoying her Drink
Smiling Woman

"I have nothing but amazing things to say about Sherina. She has become such a huge source of inspiration and wisdom for me, and I am so grateful that my path crossed with hers. She is super insightful on all aspects of personal growth, and her background in psychology allows her to explain concepts and techniques with great detail. She has such a vibrancy to her, and her positive energy always make sessions with her just so pleasant. She also doesn't just talk the talk, but she walks the walk too which she demonstrates by sharing personal stories from her past where the techniques she teaches have helped in her own personal development journey. Her teaching style is very easy to follow as she is very engaging with her audience, she takes time to answers questions if any come up, and she is able to present concepts in a very digestible manner. Sherina is always a joy to speak to and to be around, and I would absolutely recommend her to anyone looking to improve their life, learn how to conquer their mindset, and be closer to having a happier and more fulfilled life. Thank you for everything Sherina, I am so happy you are in my life!"

Yuri, Accountant & Virtual Assistant

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