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Clinical Psychologist, Personal Development & Transformation Coach



For over a decade I have been on my personal journey reflecting on and questioning life. I have studied the human mind and behavior, ancient wisdom, I have traveled to get a better understanding of different cultures and upbringings, I have left my comfort zone and tried all kinds of therapies, healing medicines, breath work, ecstatic dance, meditations, etc only to realise that our journey is an on-going process.


I am fascinated by the human mind and behavior and I believe the journey in bringing awareness into our own lives can be through the practice of joy


My intentions are to merge both worlds, the science behind psychology and the fun in exploring oneself. It is about getting to know ourselves, not about judging and conditioning ourselves. 

I am a clinical psychologist & personal development & transformation coach for women (& men) who are ready to break through the mental blockages, stereotypes, social norms to fearlessly go after their dreams by teaching them how to embrace their wholeness.

I am also certified in life coaching, NLP, and a Time Techniques practitioner. I use the combination of CBT and Mindfulness in my sessions as movement (I have a degree in Modern Dance and a Master’s in Sports Psychology too!)

I consider myself having a holistic approach to support you mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically and transform your life.

I use my knowledge, my passion, and my own experience to share and inspire others in their journey. I use online platforms to speak about mindset, self-love, confidence, alignment, and mindful living. 

I mainly coach others in the fields of personal growth, mental health, mindfulness, and lifestyle design. I truly believe that change and transformation are available to each and every one of us, if and only if, we are committed to doing the inner work. 

Know that, there is enough space for you!

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One On One Sessions


Individual sessions to improve your mental health and overall wellbeing.

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Inner Transformation Program


Find clarity on who you are and what you want, improve your energy, practice self-care routines, regulate your emotions and manage your limiting beliefs for a more aligned and positive life.

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Office & Events


Group sessions for your events and companies to promote and practice mindfulness to reduce stress, burnout, and anxiety.

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