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What is coaching?

Coaching is two-way communication between the Coach and the Coachee.


It has a positive approach and it is often action-oriented.


Focused on the present and futures.


The coach usually asks specific questions so you can tap into your own inner wisdom, where all the answers lay. The coach guides you and gives you the tools, resources, mindset, and perspective to set you for growth, success, and wellbeing. 


The coachee finds the solutions and creates a suitable action plan to achieve the goals he/she may have.

coaching with sherina

I am passionate about what I do and what I believe in.


I believe that change and transformation exist, for anyone, at any given time and age. It all depends on how much you want it.  


I believe in the power of the mind. We live a life based on what we’ve been taught and what we’ve experienced. We create thoughts around those experiences. These thoughts come to hand to hand with emotions, our energy to move. We then behave responding to life events according to how our system looks. The outcomes might or might not be helping you to live a balanced and happy life. Therefore, I consider it fundamental to bring awareness into our life so we can understand what mindset we are operating from, how our belief system looks like, how we have been conditioned, what emotions we feel and why, and how we are responding to life based on our internal programming.


what you get out of coaching

  • The focus of the sessions is to provide you with the right mindset and tools that you need to feel inspired and empowered to achieve your goals. 

  • Coaching can help you reprogram your belief system, understanding the way you have been performing so you can modify any aspect that isn’t supporting your growth, reduce stress and worry, feel in flow, organize and manage your time and tasks, learn how to keep yourself accountable, create action plans to track and achieve your goals, set a more uplifting and positive mindset, learn the tools to practice self-love and self-worth, and more.

  • Most importantly, I believe that the coaching sessions will help you get to know yourself better. Investing time in yourself will allow you to discover hidden parts of yourself, accept and love yourself, and create a healthy and compassionate relationship with yourself. I believe it all starts within, so healing the relationship with yourself and cultivating one that is more loving and accepting will allow you to find clarity and direction in life, set boundaries, build confidence and take the necessary actions that are aligned with what you need and desire so you can create and live the life you want.

Benefits of life coaching

...Becomes your accountability partner 

...Supports and guides you in your personal-development journey

...Helps you create a mindset routine

...Offers the space and time for self-reflection and self-discovery 

...Challenges you to step into your potential

...Helps you be in flow

...Guides you on your transformation 



A coach takes you from where you currently are to where you want to be.

Note: I offer sessions in English and in Spanish

I believe it is not a coincidence that you are here! If you feel a call for investing in yourself and working on yourself, ready to do the inner's your invitation! Feel free to reach out so we can connect and explore the different options that best suit you!


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