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Hello!! Thank you for passing by!


If you haven't watched the video above, please do! You will get a better understanding of who I am, where I come from, and what I do! 


And if you rather read me out...continue scrolling! :)

My name is Sherina!

Born and raised in Spain, but have an Indian origin!! 

I am a licensed clinical psychologist (M-9003) and personal development & transformational coach. I used to be a professional dancer and still use movement as free self-expression and therapy. 


Over the past decade, I have transformed my own insecurities and doubts into passion and purpose. After years of hiding my authentic self through my endless smile, I have now healed the relationship with myself. 


We all come from different cultures, upbringing, education, conditions...and mine has clearly influenced the way I perceived myself and life. However, the moment I realized that I had constant, disrupting, intrusive thoughts, severe insomnia, anxiety, and even maladaptive behaviors, I knew there was something wrong. Eventually, back then, I didn't have the right mindset, tools, or resources to help myself. I felt highly disconnected from myself, mainly because I didn’t even know who I was. I was driven by my EGO. 


For the past years I have dived deep into the study of ancient wisdom, human mind and behavior, emotional intelligence, positive psychology, NLP, Cognitive behavior therapies, trauma healing, and experienced all kinds of activities for a broader understanding of how we function. (Must say, this is an ongoing process and there is always room for digging more and learning more!) 


I was able to transform my life from the inside out. And this feels pretty damn good and a huge accomplishment! 

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I strongly believe that we have the ability to transform our lives if we are really willing to. It is in our hands. Period. I am a mental health advocate and it is my mission to contribute to breaking with the stigma and promoting wellbeing. I also believe that we all have the power to heal our mental, physical, emotional, spiritual sides. I know it is possible because I was able to do this for myself. 


I believe we need less “fixing” and more acceptance, surrender, and compassion. And I am here to walk with you, side by side, in your journey!


I need you to know that no matter where you come from, what age you have, what traumas you have, what conditions you are in… it is never too late to rediscover and recreate yourself.


“There is enough space for me”

is the mantra I repeated over and over to myself.



Because there IS ENOUGH SPACE for me and for you and for anyone to become whomever we wish to become.


I offer a non-judgemental safe space so you can cultivate a more loving and compassionate relationship with yourself. I am passionate about encouraging you to tap into your own inner wisdom, heal your pain, and use your light to create a brighter reality. 

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My core values are growth, authenticity, deep connections, and joy. I make sure I transmit these values as I show up every day to my routines, to my community, and to my clients. 

If you resonate with the above and would love to receive my guidance in your journey, I am happy to support you! 

Check out my Free Resources & Apply to work with me on a more personalized way! 

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