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& GO

Activate & balance your feminine and masculine energy, practice the art of rest, discover through journaling, elevate through visualization, and take action in alignment!


December 5 @ 7pm CEST

December 12 @ 7 pm CEST

December 15 @ 7 pm CEST

3 Masterclasses to

  • Activate & Balance the feminine and masculine energy

  • Self Discover through the power of writing (journaling)

  • Elevate through the practice of visualizations 

  • Reconnect with your creativity 

  • Flow in your own rhythm 

  • Find clarity for your next steps (prep. For 2022)

Is this YOU?

I want to do this, and this, and that too!

I go back to unhealthy patterns.
I lack vitality.
I try to push myself.
I judge I compare, I feel low.

I do, do, do.
I go, go, go.

I am confused.
I am tired.
I feel lazy.
I am uninspired.

I don't see results.
I don't have enough time.
I don't feel 100% good.
I start to feel overwhelmed & burnout.

You feel like 2021 is ending and you haven’t achieved much.

Do you have too much structure and little flow in your life?

Do you feel stuck and uninspired?

You have been trying hard to cultivate better habits and routines - unsuccessfully?

Do you feel tired?

You have many ideas but don’t turn them into reality

You feel a lack of energy and vitality?

You need a break but don’t know how?

If you resonate with 3 or are in the right place!

I feel you because I have been there myself!

This entire year I have been mastering the art of slowing down, of resting, of finding my flow states.


I too- was living my life in inbalance.


I was performing mainly from my masculine energy. Go Go Go, do do do, hustle hustle hustle hustle, push push push.


Too much structure, too much work, too much activation.


And little time to rest, to recharge, to nourish my mind, soul, and body, to disconnect.

I too - felt guilty if I took some extra rest. I felt behind if I didn't get enough work done. I felt unsuccessful if I haven't achieved my goals yet. I felt less than if I wasn't engaging with others constantly. 

I was still trying to overcome procrastination, get work done, meet friends and family, follow a morning routine, go workout, do this and do that...believing that the more I did the better. The more active I was the more successful I would get and the happier I would feel. (I was even chasing goals that were in little alignment with me!)

This took me to a close burnout. I felt tired and overwhelmed.

I felt guilty for being lazy and not getting it all done. 


I have focused 2021 on my feminine energy to then balance it out with my masculine. (I am going to teach you about this!) I focused on being compassionate and understanding, on being vulnerable, on activating my states of flow to connect back with my creativity.


In these 3 weeks, we are going to practice rest, shift our energies, and balance our masculine/feminine energy so we can find harmony, clarity, and transformation in our lives.


You are going to set yourself up mentally, emotionally, and physically for 2022!!! 

Are you ready!?



This journey is an ongoing process, but I am here to walk you through the same process I went through myself and I guide my clients, so you can shift the energy and set yourself more aligned, healthy and realistic goals.


What? When? How?


  • A 3-week event to Reset, Elevate & Go!

  • 3 LIVE Masterclass sessions over zoom (they will be recorded so you can watch the replay!)

  • Sunday 5 December, Sunday 12 December, and Wednesday 15 December at 7 pm cest



The power of resting.

The power of doing nothing.

The power of the feminine energy.


The power of visualization.

The power of mindset & emotions.

The power of energy.


The power of action.

The power of masculine energy.

The power of alignment.

In these 3 weeks, you are going to RESET - learn how to slow down, rest, connect back with yourself. You are going to ELEVATE - your energy so you can feel radiant and empowered. And, you are going to GO set your realistic goals, create an action plan, set a mindset routine that will help you achieve those goals as you balance your energy. 

You are mainly going to learn and practice how to find balance in your day-to-day life to avoid feeling exhausted, disconnected, and burnout. 

The idea is that you feel recharged, empowered, and ready to set yourself for 2022.







  • Learn the power and benefits of resting

  • Learn about the feminine and masculine energy

  • Tools and exercises to unwind and calm your system

  • Declutter your space and mind

  • Create a mindest routine that is aligned with your goals

  • Find clarity and set intentions for 2022

  • Use visualization techniques to reprogram your system and elevate your mood

  • Set healthy boundaries ad you prioritize yourself

  • Learn about yourself as you journal (I will be giving you journaling prompts!)

  • Get things done with ease and flow

  • How to feel more in balance

  • Learn to listen and give to yourself 


Join today for 60€!

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