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Do you ever feel that there is more within you? A unique potential wanting to express itself?

Learn to tune in with your own shakti (power) to experience a life change in 4 months.

Shakti means Power. Shakti is the divine feminine energy of creating, and in this program you are going to learn to tune in with your own shakti to experience a life change!

Shakti is responsible for creation but can also be an agent of change. Shakti can destroy forces and restore balance. Shakti can also be known as other hindu goddesses like Parvati, Durga, and Kali, an archetype for strength, fertility, creativity, and power. 


For over 50 years, we have been living in a quite masculine dominant way. We are goal oriented, structured, disciplined, focused on achieving and doing. We have a misconception about resting, slowing down and being vulnerable. However, the masculine power we’ve been living by for years is slowly shifting, as women are more independent, educated, autonomous, and free. And this is why, the urge to activate our feminine power - to get more of what we want, to create the life we desire and to feel in harmony within ourselves.  


This program is going to help you access and activate your feminine power, learn about your cycles, get intimate and vulnerable with yourself, find yourself in the most profound self, and learn to integrate it with what you already know. 


Once your inner shakti has revealed herself, you will notice empowerment, light, and power in any activity and area in your life.

It may be that you…

Feel bored of the monotonous life you are currently living

Feel anxious and lost even if you have been committed to working on yourself for years

Feel like you are too much or too less

Are tired of over-giving and over-doing

Have been working on improving your relationships but still are looking for deeper and authentic connections

Are looking for an intimate partner who complements your life, sharing similar life visions and values

Feel lonely in spite of having many friends and supportive family around you

Feel you have more to give but have no idea how to find and use your potential and talents

Are ready to shift careers, begin a new project, or work on a different role, but don’t know what steps to take

Feel low, tired and uninspired 

Feel disconnected with yourself

If you are experiencing any of the above, great news! You are not alone!

I was feeling the same way before I learned and began my journey in awakening my Feminine power. 


Just like you, I spent many years in self-exploration, doing the inner work, setting goals, establishing healthier habits, trying all kinds of things to live a meaningful and happy life. Yet, it still seemed that there was something missing. 


I put so much effort into everything. And yes, I did progress and achieve things, but in a very slow paced manner, and with many ups and downs. With doubts, with fear, with insecurity. 


I too- thought it was the lack of knowledge, the lack of skills, the lack of money, the lack of time, the lack of confidence… but the truth is that I never stepped into that energy of creating and attracting all of that! 


I understood that in order to get what we desire most - love, connections, creativity, belonging, intimacy, self-expression, purpose, etc… it cannot be created by the masculine power of control we are set for. "How can I attract all of this from a structured, strategic and analytical way?" - I cannot. 


Awaken your feminine power & experience a life change!

4 month program to break free from the inner barriers, get in tune with your own shakti (power), and attract the life you desire!

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SHAKTI is the program I have created through years of self exploration, study, and experience with other women guiding them to build inner strength and worth. 


SHAKTI is also the acronym I have used to create my method; Integrating psychology, mindfulness, shadow work, flow states, and more.


01/ Self-awareness

Learn about your mindset and behavioral patterns. Bring awareness in how you are functioning and performing in life.

02/ Health

Focus on creating a healthy routine in the different areas that make you live in balance and harmony (physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually)

03/ Activate

Activate your inner power as you set new foundations and create the life you desire.

Purple Flower

04/ Kismet

Redefine your life and get closer to your destiny

05/ Trust &Thrive

Build self-trust and confidence so you can use your potential and thrive in any aspect in life (professionally, relationships, health, personal growth)

06/ Integrate & Influence

Learn to integrate all parts of you, your passions, values, strengths, talents to influence those around you.

What will you receive in this journey together?

Figuring out what exactly you want 

Find your inner strength and personal core values

Make space for what you want

Create a routine to foster self confidence and match the frequency of what you want

Learn about your cycles to know what to give yourself in each phase

The power of Mantras to enhance your daily practice.

Learn the psychology behind the states of flow, brain waves and behavior

Turn your ideas into reality (with strategies and intuition!)


By the end of this program you are going to know yourself on a different level. You are going to understand that you actually ARE the creator of your life, and have the power to modify anything that isn’t supporting you right now. 

This is not a regular online course!

Shakti is a 4 month program designed in a interactive and dynamic way with 1:1 support throughout the entire process!

How it works

Online program

4 months that guide you through the SHAKTI process through video lessons, audio files, worksheets, live sessions and extra resources

1:1 support

Personalized workbooks and exercises

Recorded audio files

8 live calls with me to receive all the guidance, support and accountability you need in your journey. You also have unlimited access to me vía email.

Based on your needs, you will receive personalized tools, techniques and exercises to build your own container.

Receive audio files that contain mindfulness-meditation practices and other exercises that compliment your journey on a weekly basis

Take a look at the feedback from women who went through the journey!

Feedback Keeya
Feedback Bianca
Feedback Priyanka

"I finally changed the relationship with my body and myself"

Maria was constantly self sabotaging herself, feeling insecure and disliking herself. Anything she did was not enough. Through the process she peeled the layers of conditioning, re established a healthier and more compassionate relationship with herself.

Maria L - Florence

"I went from wanting to disappear to finishing my phD, getting a dream job, and feeling so alive!"

Samantha went through traumatic life experiences and was living life under stress and pression. Through SHAKTI  she was able to find the light in the darkness, set new foundations, find her life purpose and live a more meaningful life.

Samantha R - California

"In just a month I was able to pass the hardest exams of all and not only get promoted but get the financial raise I wanted"

Florencia had a low self-perception and self-esteem. Through working together, she build enough confidence and trust in what she desires and deserves. She worked on healing past experiences, finding her strengths and found her worth, which lead her to achieving her goals and desires.

Florencia G - Uruguay

"I now know what I want in my life. I was able to let go of a toxic relationship and make space for the kind of love I deserve"

Martha was codependent in an unhealthy and toxic relationship feeling unworthy, unvalued, and unseen. Through the program, she was able to reconnect with herself, set her boundaries, and stand up for herself. 

Martha I - London

"I now became self-employed and launched my online business"

 Barbara went from fearing change to fully embracing the lifestyle she dreamed of. She stepped into her creativity and states of flow to turn her idea into reality. She learned how to balance and integrate both sides of her, her masculine and her feminine to co-create her current reality.

Barbara H - Barcelona



Women feel trapped in a job, relationship or environment that makes them feel unsatisfied, unmotivated and unhappy


Women who often feel like they are too much or too less


Women who want to be seen for exactly as who they are


Women who want to create a life they dream of 


Women who want to feel connected to their wholeness


Women who want to live life confidently, feeling adventurous, inspired, and excited

In the SHAKTI program I accompany you in peeling all the layers of conditioning so you can learn about yourself profoundly. You will learn about your natural talents and gifts, build your inner strength, and use the potential already living within you so you can find clarity and direction into the lifestyle you wish to create. 


Yes, getting to know yourself in the deepest levels and doing the inner work, can help you release unhealed experiences and set new foundations with confidence, so you can show up and thrive in any area of your life; professionally, in relationships, at work, emotionally, mentally..!



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Once you're in, you will receive a welcome email with access to an introduction video an preparation document


Once the preparation document is sent, we will set the day and time for our first session. You will also get access to videos, audios, and workbooks.

    5 years ago I would be checking every single of these statements above, and don’t get me wrong, I am still working on some. Behind my permanent smile, there was fear and insecurity. The image I had of myself was low. I believed I was only worth my image, that I’d only be liked and loved if I said yes to everything others expected from me, and that I had nothing valuable to offer. I constantly doubt my moves, I compared myself to others (which made me feel even worse about myself and my abilities), and I basically lived life moved by life’s inertia. No purpose, no vision, no mission, no goal, no clear identity, no healthy relationship with myself. As years went by, I felt a huge disconnection with myself. I always had to double-check things with my sister and friends to make sure I was doing things right, that I said the correct thing, and behaved the way everyone did. I noticed that something inside was off. I learned that if I wanted to be part of society and become someone, I had to play the same game. Please everyone, be extra polite, get good grades, land a nice job, engage in a stable and long-lasting relationship... I learned to be the extrovert, the hustler, the ego-centered woman. I mastered my masculine energy and forgot about my feminine side. This inner home is what helps me stay connected to myself. This inner home is where I find the resources and tools that I need to nourish myself, guide me, and adapt to the extern