A 6-week self-honoring journey, for ambitious women who are ready to step into alignment and shift the hustle & perfectionist mode for a deeper connection with themselves, life, and relationships!

"Love brings you face to face with your self. It's impossible to love another if you cannot love yourself."

- John Pierrakos

As a passionate and ambitious woman, you are thriving to scale the ladder, be on the top, and achieve your dreams and goals…

But you currently feel stuck. You are currently in a situation where it is all about WORK and PROVING things to others without knowing how to distribute your time and energy to the other important areas of your life

Imagine how things would look like if you

This program is packed with weekly group coaching calls, accountability, daily action steps, workbooks, and other tools for you to use and keep in your own container. This is the program I was looking for when I most needed it, but I couldn’t find it. That is why I created it - for you. I will share my personal experience, my knowledge, skills and tools to train your mind and body for growth, to heal, reclaim your inner power, and transform your life.

“Everything you seek is inside of you.”

- Joey Klein


Beautiful Soul,

I don’t know your story. I don’t know what you’ve been going through. But I do know that if you landed here, is because your journey until now has prepared you for this.

How do I know? Because I have been there myself. I know how it feels like being lost and confused. Vulnerable and unworthy. Exhausted and burnt-out. I’ve been through overwhelming episodes myself. But, I know that we all have the capacity to bring awareness, heal, and transform. That is why in this program, I will share with you what is possible for you. A better way of living.

I feel you! I hear you! I see you!

I know that you know there is more. You feel an inner calling. You know deep inside that there is more within, there is a light that is willing to shine brighter. You know and you are ready to find alignment, to find connection, and to strengthen the embodiment in your life.

My aim with this program is to bring you the mindset, the light, the wisdom, and the skills that you already have living inside you. My aim is to walk by your hand as you heal the relationship with yourself and build one out of love, understanding, and compassion. You will discover the hidden parts of yourself, you will visualize and set intentions for a life you never imagined, you will tap into your own energy...

If you would love to access your own wisdom, nourish your whole being, build your own container of knowledge and you are ready to dive into deep embodiment

The Self-Honoring program is for you!

Designed with scientific evidence, this 6-week group coaching program will teach you to step into your inner wisdom by taking you on a complete mind-soul-body journey.

You are invited!

Heal. Connect. Love. Transform.

“Yes, your transformation will be hard. Yes, you will feel frightened, messed up and knocked down. Yes, you’ll want to stop. Yes, it’s the best work you’ll ever do.”

- Robin Sharma

All transformation happens from within!

The truth is, that if you are looking for a brighter and healthier lifestyle, feel that you are finally in charge of what happens to you, being able to lead and support others along the way... then you need to know, that it all starts from within!

Healing and creating a healthy relationship with yourself is fundamental!

I use myself as a clear example of what transformation looks like!

I went from being highly insecure and shy to confident about myself. I went from constant people-pleasing, fear of showing up for myself, doubting my thoughts and performance, concerned about my looks, highly disconnected with my inner knowing my worth! I went from being the shadow of others to being on a stage sharing my knowledge and experience, to hosting workshops around the world, creating my own 7-day Retreat and living my life honoring myself and with alignment!

& I know this is possible for you too!!

During the Self-Honoring Program, you will Discover:

A 6-week journey connecting and aligning you with your mind, soul, and body



Awareness of your current reality & core belief system.

- Intention Setting for the program.

- How the mind works and filters information.

- How your belief systems are formed and how to make space for new systems and patterns.

- Discover your core limiting beliefs.

Setting boundaries. Using your voice. Saying No.

- Learn how to give more value to yourself.

- Shift the 'overgiving to others' patterns and give value instead.

- Learn ways of self-acceptance and how to begin practicing self-love.

- Discover the power of language & Communication


- Listen to your inner voice (monkey mind!) and create a healthier dialogue with it.

- Use Affirmations to store new patterns in your brain that will bring you more positive thoughts and feelings.

- Mindfulness practices to catch your existing thought patterns and learn to detach from them.

- Shift your inner dialogue out of judgments, blaming, and criticism and step into love and compassion.

Deep Embodiment & Energy Alignment.

- Understanding your Inner Feminine & Masculine Energies. What you learnt about them as a child and how this influences your current life.

- What it means to you to be feminine and how to embody and live from this essence.

- Heal your emotional wounds (Inner child Mindfulness practice) & Trusting your inner guidance.

- Exploring Body Movement (shaking, chanting, dancing) to bring a deeper connection and harmony within.

Embracing Vulnerability. Self-love practices & honoring your needs.

- Learn the power of vulnerability and how it empowers us.

- Guided practice to connect with your heart. Open up the chakras to receive love, light, and compassion.

- Fearlessly tap into our current fears, traumas and/or insecurities. Practice acceptance and surrender.

- Create a long-lasting, healthy, and sustainable routine and habit that will allow you to find intrinsic motivation and balance in your physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional wellbeing.

- Learn what self-love is and isn't & self-love rituals to incorporate in your daily life that will allow you to connect with yourself.

A New Birth; from roots to life! Creating a loving relationship with yourself!

- Redefine what you want and desire more of in your life and how you can manifest it. Listen and honor your priorities, needs, values, and desires.

- The practice of forgiveness (mindfulness-meditation).

- Step into your own power; your passions, your skills, your natural talents to promote confidence.

- Create a new vision board & Establish the foundations of your new reality.


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    Pay in Full

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    3 payments of 110€.

I grew up in the midst of two strong and diverse cultures (Spain & India). I was living two simultaneous realities, one outdoors and another indoors. I was told how to behave, what to talk about, or not, who to connect with, what to wear, what is acceptable, and what is not... I also went to an International School where there was a variety of mixed cultures. I was celebrating 3 to 4 different cultural events and adopting habits from all.

This situation has its pros as I am comfortable in multicultural environments and have developed a decent understanding of the cultures, however, at a young age this caused confusion and crisis in my Identity. I wasn’t sure who I really was and if what I did or said was acceptable and correct (this caused the development of self-doubt!) I was simply guided by the structure and the pre-established norms.

For years I adopted an identity for myself that involved shutting my real thoughts, emotions, and desires and focus on what was already established for me. I was constantly pleasing others' needs before mine, doubted myself, had no space for mistakes, concerned about my looks, wanting to do more and better, be a good student, be extra polite... The image I thought I had to live life upon made me feel very insecure and small compared to others. As you can imagine, living like this was confusing and lead me to maladaptive behaviors and routines, insomnia, severe anxiety, and social awkwardness. I was committed to everything else but myself!

Fast-forwarding my life…

I have been on a personal development journey for the past 10 years, where day by day I unlock parts of myself. I spend time on my own to listen to what my inner self has to say. I heal my relationship with myself and create one out of pureness, authenticity, and love. I ask myself questions, explore, and observe my thought patterns, my emotions, and my behaviors. I practice breathwork, dance, yoga, meditation, and mindfulness for a deeper connection.

I have understood that all transformation happens from inside-out. Honoring myself, respecting my values and boundaries, being real with myself and expressing myself the way I need to... has brought me into alignment. From this place I can be the leader in the different areas of my life, doing things with ease, and calling in the success with the flow.

And I know this is possible for you too!