Who am I?


While my friends and family know me as a joyful and enthusiastic trotter, I am also a licensed clinical psychologist working as a transformation and development coach!


I give ambitious entrepreneurs and, anyone in general, the tools and mindset to step into their zone of genius, break free from the self-doubts and limiting thought patterns so they can become that person they dream of, fearlessly. 


Why I started this?


For years, behind my permanent smile lived infinite feelings of insecurity and unworthiness. I grew up believing that I was unable to achieve those high-end goals I had, therefore, for many years, they just remained as dreams.


I am familiar with feeling worthless and lost in life…


I created this image of myself being that forever young, timid, dependent girl, who wasn’t able to do anything for herself, who constantly wanted to please others, who hid her thoughts and feelings, who didn’t have her own identity…who wanted to be a voice but lacked confidence…Who wanted to be visible, but was always hiding…


I remember those days when I was in University studying for my dancing degree at the same time and dreaming about my passions and inspirations. My irrational thought patterns made me lose my light, the fear of failure, the fear of letting someone down, the internal confusion in doing what I should rather than what I want, etc made me live my life by other’s standards…



Sound familiar?


Today I can proudly say that my personal development journey, holistic psychology, self-awareness, and the constant mindset work along with my knowledge and skills are allowing me to live a life that fits my values and life vision. I am able to work from anywhere, support and guide others in becoming confident and building their own identity, and enjoy the other pleasures life has to offer such as traveling, yoga, and just chill under the sun at a nice beach!


I focus on concrete steps to find clarity and direction in life. I want to help you turn your physical and mental health in a better and balanced state. I want to empower you in pursuing change on your own will. I know life can be tough but it can become awesome if you make it awesome! I like to offer a nonjudgmental space for individuals to grow, unleash the potential living inside them, and show up as exactly as whom they are, with their weaknesses and strengths!


PS. Just a few facts about me; I strongly believe in positive psychology, emotional intelligence, mindfulness, and in the power of the mind! I believe a change in mindset can change our life, therefore, place a lot of energy and importance in observing, identifying and modifying those thoughts, emotions, and behaviors that aren’t supporting our growth.



What do I do?



* I support people who feel stressed, burnt-out, anxious, and confused in life.
* I help identify and understand how your thought patterns look like and modify them so you can gain a more positive perspective.
* I help my clients love and accept themselves.
* I train you to become more confident
* I give you the tools to build a more positive mindset
* I help you unlock your hidden potential so you can achieve the goals you have
* I offer you a non-judgmental space to express your deepest thoughts and emotions, and together create healthier routines that support your growth



Who do I work with?


* Anyone who is open to train their mind and body for growth.
* Anyone who feels stuck and lacks clarity.
* Anyone who is willing to improve themselves in all areas.
* Anyone who wants to improve their leadership and communication skills.
* Anyone who needs a change in their life!

Note: We don’t need to be in the same city to work together – we have online sessions. I speak fluent English and Spanish, so you may choose the language you feel more comfortable in.