Who am I?

While my friends and family know me as a joyful party girl and enthusiastic trotter, I am also a psychologist working as a Confidence & Mindset Coach!

I give ambitious millennials the tools and mindset to step into their zone of genius, break free from the thought patterns that are holding them back from moving forward and find the direction they are looking for by accessing to their internal world and become that person they truly are.

Why I started this?

For years, behind my permanent smile lived infinite thought patterns that made me feel insecure and unworthy, believing that I was unable to achieve those high end goals I had.

I am familiar with feeling worthless and lost in life…

I created this image of myself being that forever young, timid, dependent girl, who wasn’t able to do anything for herself, who constantly wanted to please others, who hid her thoughts and feelings, who didn’t have her own identity…who wanted to be a voice, but lacked confidence…Who wanted to be visible, but was always hiding…

I remember those days when I was in University studying my Dancing Degree at the same time and dreaming about my passions and inspirations. My irrational thought patterns made me lose my light, the fear of failure, the fear of letting someone down, the internal confusion in doing what I should rather than what I want, etc made me live my life by other’s standards…

Sound familiar?

I focus on concrete steps to find clarity and direction in life. I want to help you turn your physical and mental health in a better and balanced state. I want to empower others in pursuing change on their own will. I know life can be tough but it can become awesome if you make it awesome! I like to offer a nonjudgmental space for individuals to grow and feel free to feel.