When you start to NOTICE you will see REALITY manifesting

Let’s face it. You don’t believe in it because you’ve heard over a hundred times that your thoughts create your reality and yet nothing is happening… You see NO change and NO results. You are not receiving what you want. But let me ask you, are you actually thinking in what you desire? Do you believe in what you do want?

The Law of Attraction works by giving you anything you think, meaning that if you constantly have thoughts and comments such as “I don’t have enough” “I’m not sure…” “It’s not too good” “I wish I had…but I don’t” you will keep attracting that. You will not have enough if you think you don’t and/or can’t have enough.

When I was at university I would always be complaining about how I wasn’t good enough, no matter how much effort I put and did brilliant in my exams, it wasn’t enough for me. I programmed myself to believe that I’d never be like those successful dancers or those outstanding psychology students…and that’s exactly what I kept receiving. I was barely that student the teacher took as an example for the rest or the one standing out because my thoughts made me believe that I wasn’t that type of student. “I am not….” is what the Law of Attraction received from my thoughts and that’s exactly what it gave me.

If you keep reminding yourself that you are poor, for example, and have comments like “This is only for the rich” “I am broke” “I will never make that much money,” etc. then that is exactly what you will get, because that is what you are asking for.

When I made a shift in my thought patterns and began noticing that I was getting everything that I thought, it all changed! I felt like I was actually in control of my own thoughts. By the simple act of changing the “I cannot” to “I can,” the “I am not good enough” to “I am skilled for this and much more” and all those limiting thoughts running around my mind into what I desired made a difference in my reality.
Every time a negative thought appeared I changed it into another that would benefit me. The more I practiced this the more results I saw.

Your thoughts have always been aligned with your reality, you just need to change your thinking and perspective to start noticing and receiving what you desire.

Start making a shift in your thought pattern to attract what you desire!

You can start by being GRATEFUL for everything you have right now. I created a free workbook 30 day Gratitude Journal to manifest abundance that will help you develop the mindset to welcome your desires and future goals. Practicing gratitude, welcoming abundance, visualisation, and believing in your positive thinking will be the way to attract what you want.

Don’t rush. Feel, notice and be thankful.