Understanding The Way We Think

How many times have you wondered why someone acts in a certain type of way? You can’t see their logic.

Why do we react differently to same situations?

The way we feel and act is conditioned by our thoughts.

Think about these following situations:

  • You are playing a game of chess. You either play thinking about your moves trusting your intuition, or you are thinking in advance and figuring out what the opponent will do and play accordingly.
  • You are living a disagreement between two friends. Clearly you believe your closest friend’s version, but the rest of the group agrees with the other. What would you do? Stick to the group or follow your own perspective and thoughts?
  • You are suddenly offered a job in a tropical Island. You must leave your current job, your home, family and friends and take a plane in a few days. Would you just leave everything and go? Or, would you think about the pros and cons with detail. Would it excite you or cause fear?
  • You and a couple of friends are going to the cinema. One of your friends doesn’t show up and you start judging. Get angry and frustrated, not understanding this behavior. On the contrary, your other friend lets it go and offers to continue the evening and try to enjoy. WHY do you both react differently to the same situation?


What people really think is based on their personal life experiences, background, culture, perspective of social behavior based on a certain criteria, and so on. Our thoughts are beliefs we have about our environment and ourselves. What we learn and experience create our belief, which we then associate to an emotion and live accordingly.

To get a better understanding of how people think we must know that we are categorized in 3 different types of thinkers.


We are programmed to react in a different way to different situations. Serial thinkers are those who follow the mass regardless of whether they agree or not. These thinkers don’t think about the situation consciously, they just follow the rest.
I call those people “bring it on” because they take things as they come and react without consciously thinking about it. They are impulsive and don’t have their own value, criteria and thoughts strongly defined.


Linear thinkers give a lot of thought. They think and predict the possible outcomes of the actions they do. They put that effort in understanding what will happen if they do this or that. They analyze a situation, think about the pros and cons of each circumstance and anticipate the possible outcome in a logical way.

These types of thinkers need a detailed analysis of every situation.


These types of thinkers analyze every move and think outside the box. They also think in detail every step they will make, figuring out different possible outcomes, but their intuition guides them. They notice things and have a different point of view from others.

What differentiates these types of thinkers is ability of putting things into perspective, having self-confidence, controlling their emotions, accepting themselves, and having a bigger picture.

So, What type of thinker are you?

It is crucial to understand the way we think and why. If you feel your thoughts are challenging you and are limiting your lifestyle, then maybe you need to dig deeper and find out where it is coming from. What has caused you to think this way? Identify what life experience/situation has created these thoughts, belief, and emotions.

You should know that – If you were able to create such thoughts that are limiting you, you are able to un create them!

PS. Feel Free to comment and share your thoughts about this! & If you feel you are struggling with your limiting beliefs, don’t hesitate in contacting me!