The voice that doesn’t stop speaking

We have all heard this continuous voice in our head and have learnt to live with it. It can be positive or negative and seems to be in control of us. There is a nonstop conversation going on in everyone’s head and a lot of energy and attention is wasted when this inner dialogue is destructive.

The dialogue goes on all day long. While working, studying, watching TV, eating, etc. Our inner voice comments on everything such as judging and planning. It feels like what you are living isn’t really you. As if you were just observing life and the voice is narrating it for you. Sometimes the dialogue can get very powerful when our emotions are brought to mind. This has an impact in our behavior and attitude.

Unfortunately the internal dialogue is mostly negative for most of us. We don’t have enough faith in ourselves and therefore allow our mind to take over, creating a negative attitude towards our abilities and vision of life. Our inner voice tries to protect us, but the only thing it actually does is limiting us from living. We should take risks and new challenges in life, but our inner dialogue prevents us from doing so with its unconstructive thoughts. We are accepting those thoughts and consequently act on them, living a lifestyle we don’t like.

For the past months I have been trying to visualize this voice as something apart from myself. I see the voice as if it was some other person speaking to me. I thought to myself “why would you want to listen to someone full of negativity?” I don’t! WE don’t want to be surrounded by unconstructive, off-putting and unhelpful people. So, the first step is to learn how to separate our self from it. Start to ignore it, same as you would ignore someone who is continuously producing negativity. The second step to take in consideration is to accept that positive things happen everyday. We are confronted by positive and negative but we tend to focus only on the negative. We should change this idea!

We must learn to become aware of our internal dialogue in order to get the ability to control it and improve our self-development. Once we are capable of turning our negative thoughts into positive, we will be able to control our emotions. As we know, negative brings negative and positive brings positive results. It is as simple as that! Even if we think that we cannot control our inner voice because the dialogues appear unconsciously, we ARE capable of modifying it and turning it into a positive affirmation!

The problem is that we don’t pay attention to what our inner self is saying. We should take a step back and connect with ourselves. Listen to what the voice is saying. When we see ourselves falling into a pessimistic and useless thought we must stop it! Change it into something helpful and meaningful! Replace those thoughts to something you like!

Moreover, Dr. Deepak Chopra shares a positive inner dialogue exercise that I highly recommend trying. These are the steps to follow:

Every time you look into a mirror, make eye contact with your image, and repeat silently the following sentences.

1. I am totally independent of the good or bad opinions of others.

2. I am beneath no one.

3. I am fearless in the face of any and all challenges.

Repeat these sentences often and see how your life changes! Hope it helps!