& Suddently Life hits you

I write about positive ways to look at life, finding who you are, and how to live a wonderful life…but I do know it isn’t as simple as I say. I know life isn’t always as beautiful as I mention. In this blog I want to claim that even though we struggle, we are capable of standing up and confront the difficult situations life puts us on.

Life can be harsh and unfair. You may feel that life is always against you and nothing positive ever arouses. So many unexpected distractions come in your way blocking you from your dreams and goals. People telling you that you can’t do it or shouldn’t do it and other situations you can’t control also put you down. It seems as if life is dragging you into a deep hole and there is no way out.

You seem to follow the rules and regulations but even then life treats you wrong. I am sure many of you reading this may relate. How many of us are extremely careful with our belongings and still get stolen? Drive safely at the right speed, follow the signs, and still get a fine or get into an accident? It doesn’t matter how correct we are or do, life still manages to hit on us. The worst feeling is when we compare ourselves to those who constantly break the rules and life keeps smiling to them regardless, making us feel unworthy and unlucky.

The moral of this is that we cannot control everything. Nothing is in our hands. It doesn’t mean that we have to break all the rules or lose hope. It just means that we don’t know what is waiting for us. We cannot predict the future, we don’t know what is going to happen. We should be cautious and aware that positive and negative things happen. Even if you do good and follow the rules, life can have a negative impact on you. This doesn’t mean we shouldn’t lose faith and change our lifestyle, because anything can happen, anytime and anywhere. We are not in charge of what is around us, we are only in control of our actions…

We can compare Life as a roller coaster. There are ups and downs. You will get distracted, lost, scared, hurt, blocked and hit really hard. But remember that you are the only one who can put yourself out there and fight back. You can choose to stand back up on your feet and overcome the obstacles life puts you in. The point is that even though life can treat you really bad, you are capable of confronting it and become stronger. Eventually you will learn from each fall, so keep going!

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