On the 31st of March I flew from Barcelona to Bali. I was so anxious because I didn’t exactly know where I was going to, who I was going to meet and most importantly how I was going to start my own project!

Michael and Lars are the founders of Coworking Paradise. They organize your month in awesome Bali. Not only they take care of your transfer from the Airport, provide you a local sim card, a scooter for the entire month, organize a few excursions around the island and daily dinners in the best restaurants around Canggu, but get you an unlimited access to Dojo, the coworking space for digital nomads. You will spend most of your time there, interacting with many other like-minded entrepreneurs from around the World.

The first moment I got to the Villa I knew this month was going to be amazing! The Villa had private rooms and bathroom, a pool, and nice chilling places. There is an astonishing staff making sure you get breakfast, coffee and tea at any time. If you have any doubts or problem, Michael and Lars are always helpful.

This trip has not only been a fun travel where I met great people, partied and visited the place, but a personal growth. Most of the people from our group gave different workshops, which were very helpful personal and professionally. I got the sufficient strength to believe in myself and in what I do.

What I experienced in Bali has been one of the most intense and enriching months in a long time. I learned something every single day, starting off by enjoying every moment in life. The energy and positivity around me made me believe that life can be awesome if you make it awesome! You can do whatever you want, because you are in control of your own journey! You just have to believe in yourself!

The combination of an amazing place such as Bali, the Villa, the fun and hard working people…it all made it seem like ´heaven on Earth’ indeed!