It’s NOT diet, it IS healthy Eating!

The key to achieve and maintain a healthy weight is not putting your self on a diet. Eventually we want to feel pretty and healthy from the outside, but we must achieve it first from the inside! I have realized that as soon as we notice we have gained some weight we directly restrict ourselves from eating. We suffer from hunger and starve ourselves until we lose everything we have gained, believing our weight issues are resolved. WRONG!

If we are really looking for a permanent weight loss we shouldn’t rely on a quick fix. We read and hear all about these fast and effective diets such as Dukan, low-Carb, zone, cabbage soup, etc and believe we will live happier and healthier, but the only thing they actually do is frustrate us and probably even make us fall sick.

We are missing out on a very important fact. That is; not eating is eventually going to make you skinnier but NOT healthier! The problem with these fad diets are (there is existing clinical data on this) that diets can help you lose body weight in the short term, but unfortunately we won’t maintain the weight loss. Nearly 70 percent of dieters regain all the weight loss or even gain more weight than before dieting. What we need is a lifestyle change!

Personally, I have never been on a diet. I eat anything at anytime. I used to skip meals and didn’t consider balancing out all the nutrients my body needed. I have a fast metabolism, exercise for almost 3 hours a day, and have never been over weight. I thought I was healthy! I never had breakfast, I would eat at rare hours, I am partially vegetarian, so no sea food or red meat vitamin. And, I didn’t intake any other food to replace the lack of these vitamins or any food supplements. This caused me becoming extremely anemic, b12 and other vitamin deficient. I have been feeling tired and non energetic for a long time. Eventually this had a hard impact on my dancing career, as I didn’t have enough energy to survive so many training hours!

Last year I finally understood that being skinny didn’t mean I was healthy, therefore I changed my eating plan. I do not skip any meal, I try to eat all the fruits, vegetables and proteins I didn’t eat before. I eat the amount I lose working out. I am having my meals on reasonable hours… and trust me! I used to suffer from insomnia and now that I have an early dinner and sleep on a reasonable hour I feel more lose and I am able to sleep! I also feel more active since I began to have a proper and vigorous breakfast! I changed my lifestyle!

These are a few key ways you should consider when embracing yourself into any type of eating program;

1. Diet vs. Healthy eating

Diets focus on restriction. You lose weight by eliminating the type of food or drinks you intake. Some diets cut us from carbohydrate intake, caloric intake, etc. (We are missing out that we need a little bit of everything to be healthy!)

A healthy eating plan is a “comprehensive program,” which helps improve the quality of what you intake. It is about educating you and your body on what foods to take during breakfast, snacks, lunch, and dinner. Healthy eating focuses on eating well and making sure you get all the nutrients your body needs.

2. Long term results

As I mentioned before, fad diets focus on losing weight really fast, but then have a re bounce effect and that make you gain weight really fast. A healthy eating program focuses on losing weight slowly and for good.

3. Integrated way to weight loss

A healthy eating program allows you to create and build a healthy lifestyle, meaning that it combines a balanced nutrition with physical and mental activity. On the other hand, a fad diet only focuses on restricting you from food and drinks.

I strongly believe being healthy is not only about what we intake. Being healthy is a way of living. We should make feasible lifestyle change to maintain a long-term weight. If you are struggling from health disorders, get in hands of a specialists and make a change!