I wrote a letter to my past self as a healing method. This is how it goes…

This is – if not the most powerful healing exercise – one of the most profitable methods for personal growth, awareness, and especially for letting go. For the past years, I have been willing to go through every process and techniques to practice self-awareness and become as mindful as I can. This implies going through very pleasant moments, but also profound and deep experiences that lead to discomfort…


As I continue my own journey, I have the vision to empower and impact others in growing from their past selves and unleash their real potential. Today in this blog, I am sharing my vulnerable side, a letter I wrote to my past self.  I believe part of our healing process is to share our feelings of shame, guilt, insecurities, and all those things we don’t talk about in public. If you are as ready as I am to become the best version of yourself and let go of what is not contributing to that, then after reading this post I recommend you write a letter to your past self too!


“You didn’t know then, and that is Okay Sherina. When you come from a place of ignorance and little sense of self, it is common to commit mistakes, experience failure, and behave in ways you later regret. You let your mind take control over you. Maybe it just felt safer than taking risks and decisions on your own. You allowed the inner critical voice to speak for you, even when you actually disagreed and deep inside knew it wouldn’t help you grow.

You think you could have done better and been like those people you always compared yourself to. Did I tell you that those people you saw as confident and successful might also be fighting against their inner battles? We are all dealing with our own personal journeys, Sherina. We all have ups and downs in life, we all go through similar thought patterns and emotions. The difference is how we deal with them all, and you did your best!

Little did you know about your values, your strengths, and your abilities. You kept reminding yourself how small you are and let others guide your next steps. Some days you were okay with it as you thought “Ha, I don’t have to do anything – X has got my back” and other days you thought “Ugh, if you only knew what I really think/want…!” The constant debates with your inner self made the wall taller and taller, separating you from discovering and being the real you from the Sherina that had already been created by the community.

You couldn’t see what you can see now. Experience, perspective, self-compassion and self-love…all working together to help you let go of those draining and limiting thoughts about yourself, of those things you didn’t say and you wished you did, of those things you did and wish you didn’t, and of those opportunities you let escape from your hands.

It’s in your hands to turn your weaknesses into your strengths and to become the person you desire becoming.

So…sit straight, shoulders back, neck high! You’re much more than you think!”


And now, I feel relieved. Learning to accept, to forgive, and to let go is a very hard process – mainly because it is so hard for us to detach ourselves from such memories and strong emotions. I feel grateful for every experience because thanks to it all I have gained a life-changing transformation.



In my opinion, it doesn’t matter how far you are in life…either you are still deciding what career to study, are already married and with children, successful in your business, lost in direction not knowing what to do or where to live, a cook, a teacher, a dancer…each and every one of us has a past, a present, and a future. We all have stories we are proud of and stories we wish we could erase from our memories (unfortunately this is not possible!). The thing is, the more self-aware you are, the more you can change your story to a better place.



Start cutting the chords and look for ways to heal from the past. Bring them alive and select what to keep and then, let go of thoughts, experiences, people, situations…that are no longer serving you! I guarantee these type of exercises make a huge difference in your now!