How to Get a Clear Vision For The Life You Want

What is a Vision?

A vision is a picture in the future on how we want to be as individuals. The purpose of a vision is to guide, direct, and encourage you in reaching your desirable state. A vision is the answer to the question “What do you want to be in the coming years?” It is future oriented and it serves as a guideline for your growth. A vision is a clear picture of what we want in a long term, and directs us in getting to those objectives. If you have a clear vision you will eventually attract the right strategy and create a motivation to success.

How to Create a Vision

Have you tried setting goals and haven’t achieved them? That is because we are lacking clarity in our vision!

I think the problem in most of us is that we get stuck in the “how.” The how is the strategy to get where we want to. We think about it way too early, without even knowing exactly what it is we want. We are looking for results too soon and that blocks us from moving forward. What we need is a compelling vision to get a motivation. We need something strongly defined and clear to stick on to.

Here’s what I recommend:

  1. Find a quiet place and get alone with just a journal and a pen.
  2. Turn your cell phone, e-mail, social media, television, etc off. Make sure you won’t get interrupted.
  3. Close your eyes. Picture yourself in this precise moment. Who you are and where you stand. Do you like it? Is this how you want to be and what you want to do? Now, picture yourself in 1 year, 2 years, 3 years, 4 years and 5 years from now. Try and be as clear as possible. Imagine yourself in your business. What do you want to do for a living? What do you have to offer?
    Imagine yourself in your personal life. Will you get a partner? Will you build a family? How is your relationship with family and friends?
    Imagine yourself physically. Are you healthy? Do you do / would want to do any physical activity?
    Take as long as you need in picturing yourself in the present and in the close future. How do you imagine your life to be?
  4. Take a breath. Capture that image you have of the life you imagine and allow yourself to ask for inspiration and guidance.
  5.  Open your eyes. Write down what you have pictured about your current reality. Write down everything you don’t like. (This point is important, because we need to know what we don’t like in order to make a change!)
  6. Now write down what you pictured about your future. Write in detail what you would like to see happen.
  7. Share your vision with others!
  8. & don’t forget to read this list to remind yourself of the big picture, your vision.

In order to fulfill the vision you must set a few goals that can be achieved. Goals must be specific and realistic. Setting short-term goals keeps us motivated and eventually each objective achieved is a step closer to the bigger goal/vision we have.

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Having a vision includes having clarity of direction, where we go and what we do. There is no need in being clear on HOW we are going to do. The importance here is having a clear and detailed idea of the direction we should take. This helps having a mental clarity. The mind helps communicate with our vision, set goals, and assess progress towards them.

The idea is that the vision is connected directly with the emotional world. The journey begins with an image, with a vision that the more clear the more we get closer to it.

I have done this exercise a few times already, just to find clarity and remind myself what I am aiming for. Having that big picture present allows me to set smaller goals and achieve them without losing focus. I am focusing on the journey that will take me to my destination. I am allowing all type of emotions, thoughts and situations to arise along the journey, because that is what will guide my direction. Having this vision crystal clear is the only way that will help me confront the obstacles along the journey with a positive mindset and to achieve that desirable state I am looking for.

If you are struggling with your vision and need guidance on setting your goals then schedule a FREE consultation with me and together we will focus on your desires and find the best way to support you!