“HOW DO THEY DO THIS?” – I thought


I remember the first day I arrived in Bali back in April 2015


I met all those amazing entrepreneurs who seemed to have everything under control; their business, their mindsets, their love life, their healthy and fit bodies, their morning rituals…They were all so committed to their schedules.

Some woke up at 6 am for meditation and/or a workout, others worked from this to this time because then they had to do their mindset work or go to a Yoga class. Some were so conscious about what they were intaking – making sure they had all their veggies per day, their green smoothies, and what type of creams they were applying…


Everything they did from morning to night was amazing and well structured.


I honestly thought to myself… “WHAT AM I DOING HERE?”


They all seemed to know what works for them and what doesn’t.
They had their professional goals crystal clear and put in all the effort and attention to make it happen. They all used concepts and tools like Asana, Pomodoro, Canva, Eat that Frog, 80/20 rule, 10x rule, and a bunch of other tools and techniques I had never heard of before.
They all were confident enough to respect their to-do’s and also manage to network and socialize after they fulfilled their personal needs.


“HOW DO THEY DO THIS?” – I thought


How are they so dedicated, committed, consistent, successful, healthy, wealthy, and even so positive and ready to support others too?

They all gave a workshop and were ready to listen to you and help you in whatever ways they could.


“I WANT TO BE THEM!” – is all I wanted


I was amazed by these people (which I can proudly call my friends today!)


  • I felt so small and insecure besides them.
  • I felt like I had SO much to learn in life
  • I felt unworthy and very lost in direction but also in identity.
  • I felt like I could never be the person they were…(it just seemed so far from who I was)
  • I felt like my entire life was a mess!


While I had in-depth conversations with them, I realized something powerful.

I came to know that they too, at some point in their lives, also felt like I did.


  • They weren’t born being confident and powerful.
  • They didn’t have the skills either.
  • They didn’t know who they wanted to become.
  • They didn’t know what rituals and routines benefited their peace of mind.
  • They struggled, they felt unhappy, stressed, unworthy, insecure, sad, negative…


They went through it too


But they did the work


They invested in themselves – in their personal and professional growth


& they kept doing it every single day.


What I want to share today…is that even if you feel intimidated by those people you consider super-advanced and successful in life, use them as examples and a source of inspiration, because once upon a time, they were probably in your shoes.


If you are lucky enough like I was, to be surrounded by these people – learn from them, observe them, use their potential, use their energy… and grow!


Stop feeling smaller than you think you are.
Stop fearing the future and just DO and BE TODAY.
Stop finding excuses and GET IT GOING.
Stop hiding and start SHOWING UP.
Stop avoiding the pain points and start to HEAL.



3 years later…


I feel in alignment with myself.

I created my own coaching and counseling business.

I have traveled way more than I thought I was able to.

I have connected with like-minded people from all over the world who inspire and empower me.

I have to build my self-esteem and confidence to the NEXT LEVEL.

I have become highly spiritual and make sure I nurture my mind, soul, and body on a daily basis.

I have worked on my mindset, that allows me to see with perspective, be grateful and positive, and be a problem solver instead of a complainer and a blamer.

I have designed a lifestyle under my own terms and values, and I feel super secure about the decisions I make.

& most importantly, I believe in myself and in the process. I work on my personal (& professional) growth every single day.



PS. I am now even doing my first ever Retreat in Bali from November 4-10 2019. It is a 7-day retreat to experience the connection with mind, soul, and body. Daily Yoga practice, meditation, mindfulness, and personal development workshop! Have a look here