Don’t be THIS type of follower (If you are trying to build your personal identity)

Following the trend will NOT make you have more friends or live a happier life!

I know how hard you are trying to improve the quality of your life. You scroll down on social media to find ways of being more visible, liked, and even more fulfilled, but all you see are those unrealistic pictures with model figured bloggers posing in front of amazing backgrounds, smiling, and living the best life.


Let’s be real


All you are doing by checking them out is making yourself lose your self-validation, self-worth, and self-love.


Stop doing that!

Stop trying to be them!

Stop replicating their lifestyle!

Stop following the TREND!

Stop feeding your limiting thoughts!


Yes, fashion and trends are out there for you to use, but you need to pick and choose what best fits YOU as a person!

The trend exists to influence and guide us, not for us to copy and become whatever is been created.


If you do this, you are going the wrong way!


Because that representation or image of a happy, successful, and fulfilling life doesn’t belong to anyone. It is just the reference.


If you ARE indeed trying to create an identity for yourself and want to be known as for WHO you really are, stop FOLLOWING and focus on building your own unique identity. Figure out what you like or dislike, what type of food you like, what type of clothing you like, what colors, what places, what activities…and THEN…use what is out there and incorporate it into your life to make you be you.


Do not drag yourself into the trend, take what you like from the trend that fits you!


Not convinced? Keep reading!


Shells are trendy now. So are wearing shirts underneath a dress, having healthy meals, and/or going to gaming conventions…but I am not into none of those, so I will NOT wear them, post about them, or attend events I am not actually interested in. They are not aligned with the person I am and don’t add to my personal identity.



What you will see, however, are positive and empowering quotes, success stories, the books I read, and tips and advice on becoming more confident and happy. I show you the way I perceive life through my own eyes…how I am traveling here and there and at the same time having a good time with my friends while I run my online business (PS. If you are interested in this type of content, I invite you to check my account Instagram). I believe in a balanced lifestyle, in positive thinking, and in being a go-getter. So, I combine and share my thoughts, my values, my passions, my strengths, and weaknesses, as all of them together, make me be me!


Do I still have friends? Do I still have any worth? Do I still have an audience that follows my type of living? Am I still living a purpose driven life? Am I enjoying my life and step by step, achieving my goals?


YES to all the above!


And the coolest part of living under my own terms is that I receive things with the same frequency. This means that the more authentic I am, the more things I get that are aligned with my persona. And that is when I feel fulfillment. When I am able to cover my own desires, not anyone else’s.




Do not be afraid or ashamed of showing who you are…because there is no one you have to PROVE anything to (other than yourself)!


Don’t be the type of follower who is just replicating someone else’s way of living, be that follower who is using people you look up to as a reference to learn, grow and identify your own self. Once you have figured out your personal characteristics, all you have to do is feed it! Give yourself things that make you be more you!!


If you are still in the process of building yourself up…I got your back! I created a workbook that includes specific questions and exercises that will help you find clarity on who you are. Make sure to download it (click here) and discover the real you!