Alone in this Journey

It took me a while to openly share this, but I’ve never really felt the support I expected and needed.

When I was in high school I knew I wanted to study psychology, but I also had a huge passion for dancing. I wanted to become a professional dancer.

I was told by my parents that I could only get my dancing degree if I also studied psychology. So that’s what I did. I happily finished both careers although my first few years were all about my dancing career. I was only concerned about my growth, exams, flexibility, choreographies, etc. while my parents only asked me about my psychology course.

No one really gave the same importance that I did to my dancing career. It made me feel like I was alone in this battle. No one believed in me, in my skills, in my achievements, in my dreams and desires…And if they did – it didn’t come from a place from sincerity or real interest (at least that’s how I perceived it).

I felt lonely, yet I never quit.

There was something inside that kept me going.

I questioned myself if this is what I really wanted and what it meant for me. I didn’t want to prove anything to anyone, it was for me, for my own satisfaction and for my own fulfilment, so why not just enjoy it for myself? Is what I thought.

I made a shift in my thoughts.

The shift in my mindset lead me to successfully dance in a Contemporary Company around Spain and get some other jobs as a dancer!

My dream became reality!

The purpose of this blog is to show you that when you have a clear and strong purpose that you truly believe in, there is nothing that can get in your way.

Remember that your intentions create your reality, and although we all need support, the strongest connection that will help you move forward is the understanding and bond you have with yourself.

This is YOUR purpose, YOUR dream, YOUR call.

Support yourself. Support your desire.

Know that you are not alone, but if you are feeling that way I invite you to join my community
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